The use of smartphones is nothing new, but during the pandemic, most of us have come to rely on digital communication more than ever. And if you’ve been thinking about searching for a new place to live, you’ll probably be doing a good bit of the work virtually. This guide from Youngstars Moving & Delivery will give you an idea of what to expect from the process, and how using virtual tools can help make your home search experience safe and successful.


Financial Considerations

If you’re looking to buy a house, condo, or other dwelling, it makes sense to start the process by addressing your top financial concerns. These financial factors will be impacted by your local market, but also by current economic conditions in general.

  1. Because of the uncertainty in today’s economy, you may need a higher credit score and a larger down payment to get a mortgage.
  2. The good news is that there is less competition in some markets, so you may get a good deal.
  3. Mortgage rates are generally low, but they’re also changing rapidly, which is why Business Insider recommends staying flexible.
  4. To limit personal contact, you can search for a mortgage lender and even apply for your home loan online.


The Buying Process

Lining up your finances and searching for your home are only the first two steps. Here’s how the rest of the buying process has changed during COVID-19, and how you can complete some steps virtually.

  1. Your home appraisal may take place without the appraiser ever going inside, and you should also be prepared for a home inspection where you aren’t allowed to be present.
  2. Because there’s still some risk of major issues falling through the cracks, some buyers and sellers are adding a COVID clause to their contract.
  3. Lawyers and real estate agents are working hard to reduce contact at closing and even allow virtual closing in some circumstances.


Making Other Living Arrangements

If you’re not looking to buy a home, no worries! Many other types of home searches can be completed online. Here are a few examples of alternative home searches that can be done online:

  1. Finding a skilled nursing home facility for you and/or your spouse.
  2. If you aren’t ready to buy, seek out apartment rentals in your area.
  3. Looking for a roommate or seeking to become a roommate? Check out Roomies.

Virtual tools can’t replace every real-life interaction, but what they can do is limit personal contact, even in a home search. Life is certainly different during COVID-19, but finding your dream home is one thing that doesn’t have to wait.


Photo credit: Rawpixel