Located northeast of Dallas, Colin, and Rockwall Counties Garland is a city in the Texas State of United States.

    As a cultural center in North Texas, Garland is one of the largest manufacturing cities in Texas State with more than 300 manufacturers.

    The diverse, eclectic, and well-positioned city, Garland is surrounded by major freeways, easily accessible, affordable, diverse, and growing.

    The city of Garland is comprised of several distinct communities and neighborhoods and lends its own unique flavor to the city and the surrounding areas. The city’s climate is primarily categorized as a humid subtropical climate. The residents and visitors of Garland enjoy multiple recreational venues such as; the Granville Arts Center, Fire wheel Golf Park, and the Nicholson Memorial Library System. To provide more options for the residents and visitors of the city many new recreational venues were opened throughout the city.

    It is an appealing hot spot for millennials because of the low unemployment rate, affordable cost of living, and opportunities for future job growth. The homeownership rate for millennials has jumped 8.8% in the last year homebuyers can afford homes in Garland with all the amenities, outstanding schools, and vibrant arts community, this has been proved time and again.

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    • Rather than leaving your jewelry in a moving truck, take it with you.
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